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Marina Landing II

Block C

Planned Uses
  • Harborfront hotel
  • Restaurants and outdoor eating facilities
  • Specialty retail
  • Residential condominiums and apartments
  • Commercial and professional offices
  • Boating sales and services
  • Kiosks and street vending
  • Eco-tourism establishments
  • Theaters
  • Outdoor festivals and recreation activities
Massing and Density
  • Maximum density regulated by “Development Code”
  • Minimum density not regulated
  • Zero lot line, provided sufficient emergency access is available
  • Minimum setback: Build-to line at street edge or back of sidewalk
  • Maximum residential front yard setback: 0.5’ per foot of building height as measured from back of sidewalk or parking area
  • Maximum commercial setback: not regulated
  • 15’ minimum
  • 100’ maximum for buildings
  • 4 - 6 stories recommended

Block C’s harborside buildings and urban spaces will represent a core feature of the Town Center and, as such, serve as major destination points for tourists and shoppers alike. Similar to Block E, this block will have a strong visual and functional orientation to the harbor’s pedestrian plaza, the marina, the river, and public streetscapes. Collectively with Block E and Block L, these buildings will make up the “urban fabric” of the mixed use residential/ office/retail district, with the intent to promulgate “24 hour” services and activities for the Town Center’s workers, residents and visitors. Vernacular building forms, massing, and proportion should reflect the historic and cultural elements of the region.

Architectural elements within Block C which have frontage on the marina and the Harbor Street streetscape will be planned to be both diverse and authentic, employing the ideas of a variety of architects throughout the range of buildings to be constructed. Buildings whose functions demand access to both the plaza and public streets should establish a double facade. Exterior facades, materials, proportion, and silhouettes of all buildings should be coordinated so that the retail, office, and hotel components are compatible with the upper tier residences.

Current Concepts

In the rendering, above, a destination restaurant connects with the water’s edge to create an animated environment. The project includes a 110-room hotel, a 189-unit multifamily building, the restaurant, structured parking and 10,000 square feet of retail space along the harbor’s edge.

Block Size
(approx. acres)
SUB Land Bay
Land Use

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