GMU’s Science Center


Marina Landing II

Blocks A & B

Planned Uses
  • Commercial and professional offices
  • Specially retail
  • Marine ecology and research facility
  • University research and education facility
  • Restaurants with outdoor eating facilities
  • Parking decks and structuresMassing and Density
  • Maximum density regulated by “Development Code”
  • Minimum density not regulated; however, an FAR = 2.0 - 3.0 is recommended, dependent upon site conditions
  • Zero lot line, provided sufficient emergency access is available
  • Minimum front yard setback: Build-to line at street edge or back of sidewalk
  • Maximum front yard setback: not regulated for commercial uses
  • 15’ minimum
  • 100’ maximum for buildings
  • 80’ maximum for parking structures
  • 5 - 7 stories recommended

The “corporate” image of the Belmont Town Center is established by the Corporate Office Plaza at the Town Center’s northern gateway. Block A will contain a complex of buildings oriented to the “Main Street” (street name has not been assigned) intersection with Palisades Street, with both visual and pedestrian access to the river, the harbor plaza, and the Osprey golf course. The major “public” entrances to the individual buildings within this complex will be via private motor courts/plazas which will include a service, handicap and visitor parking spaces. Due to their proximity and overlapping uses, Block A and Block B will be developed in coordination to ensure successful vehicular access and parking accommodations. Secondary uses within these blocks grouping will likely include an integrated parking structure serving the major office buildings, an adjoining free standing parking structure, and a small office/retail building located in an adjacent block.

Serving a dual purpose within the urban design scheme for Belmont Bay, this Block B will seek to attain an architectural and functional transition from the “corporate image” to the “town center” image. The multiple office buildings and structures developed for this block shall be predominantly commercial, with varying heights to promote visual interest. View sheds to the river will be preserved where feasible. The architectural finish, materials and colors of each building should be compatible, and each building should be functionally interconnected for pedestrian and vehicular movement.

Current Concepts

The majority of Block A will consist of GMU’s Potomac Science Center, where a 50,000 GSF facility has been proposed, dedicated to academic instruction and research as well as K-12 & community outreach. Within this center Mason will house the Potomac Environmental Research & Education Center (PEREC), as well as a Geo-Informatics Training and Research Center. A parking structure will accommodate the parking needs for GMU.

Mason’s Potomac Science Center location outlined in green

PEREC is dedicated to restoration of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. Location will be very important and will require waterfront access to a tidal waterway. Similarly, location will be vital for the Geo- Informatics Training and Research Center. This program is interested in exploring collaborative opportunities and expanded relationships with established partners such as the National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency (NGA) and with other companies or contractors having similar shared interests. For this reason, proximity to NGA and Ft. Belvoir will also be very important. The K-12 and community outreach program would offer opportunities for displays as well as hands-on research activities, and provide access to the large lecture hall for presentations, programs and community events.

Originally projected to incorporate over 500,000 square feet of gross floor space at full build-out, current plans for the remaining balance of Block A and the entirety of Block B is planned for 180,000 SF of commercial office and 15,000 SF of retail uses.

Block Size
(approx. acres)
SUB Land Bay
Land Use




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